I love working again and have a renewed sense of confidence: thank you ACT.
You guys are a real lifeline to parents. When I've made it big I pledge to give back to ACT so I can also help others.
We are so grateful to have you in our lives, and inspired by the work you do every day.
My god I’m overwhelmed, truly overwhelmed. Total saviours. Thank you so much.

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Contact ACT if you are an actor and would like to talk about issues relating to your child, their education and needs. We may be able to attend a school meeting, support you through a social services complaint and find specialist sources of help.

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ACT has a small fund to support age 18+ students and apprentices, who must each be the child of a professional actor. ACT can also support some dependent young people with additional needs until their 26th birthday.

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If you are a performer but not eligible for ACT’s grants, you're still welcome to contact us for advice about other charities. ACT cannot pay private school fees or stage school costs.

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The kids wouldn't have been able to do after school clubs without ACT.
Our children are our future and their well-being is of the greatest concern to us. Actors pursuing their chosen profession face many difficulties but, when they are parents, those problems can multiply...

Juliet Stevenson

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As a charity ACT exists because of the kindness of actors who have given their time and funding for over a century. We welcome your support as a member, or your help with fundraising or as a Marathon runner.

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Here on behalf of somebody else?

We understand it is a big step to contact a charity. If you are looking at this on behalf of an actor friend, please do get in touch by phone or email. There is no need to tell us the actor’s name at this stage. We are friendly and our help is confidential.

Read more about who we are or get in touch for help and support, email robert@actorschildren.org or call 020 7636 7868.