To be eligible for ACT funding, the child must have a parent who is a professional actor. Our charity rules insist on this.

This means that you have had paid, professional acting work for more than half of your working life.

Please send the enquiry form (or telephone ACT) before making a full application so we can check your eligibility as an actor under ACT’s criteria.

We will need  your CV of acting work if you’re not in Spotlight or Mandy, with years marked against jobs. Eligibility is approved by the Trustees at their confidential monthly meeting.  Also, ACT can only help if your household gross income is under £40,000 per year.

Each application is considered separately, at the Trustees’ discretion.

ACT’s full eligibility policy


• Gross household income plus savings must be less than £40,000 in the 12 months to the date of application (excluding children’s savings).
• Parents who own second properties are not usually eligible.
• Households with substantial equity in their owned home may not be eligible for long-term funding.


• Must live in the UK.
• Birth to age 18: ACT gives grants and support, but does not fund private school fees or related expenses.
• Age 18 to 21: when funds are available, ACT may award undergraduate student and apprentice grants.
• Up to age 26: ACT may support dependent young people with additional needs.
• May be fostered or adopted children.
• May be stepchildren.
• May be the orphans of a deceased actor-parent, or not currently in the care of their actor-parent, although it is more difficult to establish eligibility when ACT is not in direct contact with the actor-parent.


• May live overseas or have built their career internationally.
• Need not be a British citizen.
• Will have had paid, professional acting work for more than half of their working life, and normally for a minimum of three years.  Where an actor has trained as a mature student and left their earlier profession, ACT may look for paid acting work in more than half the years since retraining to become an actor.
• In exceptional circumstances, recent acting graduates who are parents will be given proper consideration.

Professional acting work:

The Trustees understand that careers take different paths and most actors must supplement their income from other types of work, especially if they become parents.

However, for ACT eligibility, we can only look at the core body of paid, professional acting work. This may include theatre, musical theatre, television, film and audio drama; and in speech, sign or assisted communication.

While we recognise it is valuable work, for eligibility purposes ACT does not take into account further credits such as: role play, rehearsed readings, workshops, commercials, training films, student films, corporate jobs, historical re-enactment, tour guiding, circus, dance, stand-up, audio books, modelling, presenting, voice over, documentary, music video, opera, directing, drama therapy, teaching drama, and supporting artiste work.

Trustees will assess eligibility based on individual CVs. Spotlight CVs are usually suitable but there must be dates against all jobs. Unpaid jobs must be made clear. The Trustees may ask for more information and revisit your CV at their next meeting.

Continuing funding:

• Eligibility and need will be reviewed at least annually.
• An actor-parent will cease to be eligible if they have re-trained or acting is no longer their main profession.
• As time passes, an actor-parent will cease to be eligible if the majority of their working career no longer contains paid acting work, unless this is because they have become unable to act because of illness or disability.
• If an actor-parent dies while eligible for funding, their children may continue to receive funding until 18, 21 or 26 as appropriate, and according to their needs and household finances.
• A family will normally cease to be eligible whenever their gross household income and savings are more than £40,000 per year.
• If a family avoids contact with ACT their funding will cease.
• The Trustees retain the right to cease or change funding arrangements at their discretion at any time.

Developed by the ACT Trustees July 2018 and under regular review as the industry changes and as ACT develops.

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