To be eligible for ACT funding, the child must have a parent who is a professional actor. Our charity rules insist on this.

This means that a significant part of your income for most of your working life will have come from acting jobs.  The Trustees will look at your acting CV to establish eligibility.

Eligible acting jobs include named characters with speaking roles, in theatre, TV or film. We are not able to fund presenters or supporting artistes.

ACT usually give grants to families where the household income (or savings) is less than £40,000 and you don’t own a second property.

Please telephone or email ACT before making a full application so  we can see if you are likely to be eligible for help. If you are not on Spotlight, we will ask you for your CV of acting work.  It is confidential and friendly!

Some actors have only worked overseas but their child lives in the UK and so is eligible for ACT’s funding. We will still need to see a full acting CV for the actor-parent.

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Here on behalf of somebody else?

We understand it is a big step to contact a charity. If you are looking at this on behalf of an actor friend, please do get in touch by phone or email. There is no need to tell us the actor’s name at this stage. We are friendly and our help is confidential.

Read more about who we are or get in touch for help and support, email or call 020 7636 7868.