The Trustees are elected by our members at the ACT annual general meeting. They serve for up to 6 continuous years.



Honorary Advisers: Isla Blair, Doreen Mantle.

Ambassadors: Noma Dumesweni, Juliet Stevenson, Simon Williams.

Juliet Stevenson on being an ambassador for The Actors’ Children’s Trust:
“Our children are our future and their well-being is of the greatest concern to us.  Actors pursuing their chosen profession face many difficulties but, when they are parents, those problems can multiply.  There can be illness or unforeseen accident in the family, or simply a special need for childcare when acting work has been secured.
The Actors’ Children’s Trust is here to help and support actor-parents in any way they can, and I am very proud to be their Ambassador.”


Executive Director – Robert Ashby

Head of Family Support — Lydia Hodges

Bookkeeper – Michael Lakhani

Since our foundation in 1896 ACT has had many dedicated and well-known Trustees.  Read more in the History section or in our factsheet on Important people in ACT’s history.

Without ACT’s support I honestly don’t know what we would be doing now.

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Here on behalf of somebody else?

We understand it is a big step to contact a charity. If you are looking at this on behalf of an actor friend, please do get in touch by phone or email. There is no need to tell us the actor’s name at this stage. We are friendly and our help is confidential.

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